About Us

Andrea James - Owner/Coach

​Andrea has always been involved in sports.  She swam competitively at Wilfrid Laurier University, and played high school basketball, volleyball, cross-country, and enjoys all sorts of outdoor activities. For most of her adult career, she worked as a competitive swim coach with young Provincial and National level athletes, coaching both their in-water and out-of-water training.  In 2010, she was introduced to CrossFit by a friend at her children’s play group.  It was a game changer.  After having 3 children, and being out of the competitive sports world, CrossFit was just the kind of training she needed to get back into shape. ​In 2011, she took her CrossFit level 1.  In 2015, she moved back to her hometown, Bracebridge.  There weren’t any functional fitness gyms in town, so she decided to build a gym in her garage.  She took her CrossFit level 2 certification, and hasn't looked back, expanding into a larger facility on Barron Drive in November 2017. ​Coaching her members has been beyond exciting.  It’s been very rewarding for her to watch someone get their first pull up, jump onto a box that seemed way too high the first time they saw it, or try their very first clean and jerk. ​She truly believes that coaching the members at Bracebridge Strength and Conditioning is the best job she could ask for!

Kerry Beauchesne

Shana Handrigan

Shana comes to Bracebridge Strength and  Conditioning with over 20 years experience coaching gymnastics to athletes from toddlers to adults, as well as her CrossFit Level 1 certification.  She has a passion for making fitness training fun and sustainable. Beyond the gym, Shana enjoys experiencing new sports and activities, such as kayaking, ninja courses, obstacle races, and masters gymnastics.  She is looking forward to helping members at Bracebridge Strength and Conditioning find their passion for fitness.

Clerissa French

Lisa Overholt

Lisa Overholt lives with her husband and dogs in Muskoka year-round. Moving from the city to cottage country in 2000 brought on new fitness challenges, and Lisa changed her whole lifestyle to embrace activity. Lisa is a Schwinn Indoor Cycling & Bootcamp Instructor and as well as being a certified personal trainer. She is passionate about creating efficient, fun and healthy programs that keep participants coming back for more!  

Melanie Parsons

Melanie was 25 and pregnant with her first son when she started yoga.  She was timid, insecure and had very low self esteem. Now a single mother of two teenage boys, life is busy and there are days where she has to juggle being the mom, the dad, the chauffeur, the confidant, the counselor, the maid and the chef, all at the same time, which she would never change as they are her life. Through it all, she has found FREEDOM, PEACE and LIFE BALANCE again with her yoga.  She believes you have to take time to nourish YOURSELF in order to be your BEST SELF for everyone else in your life.

200HR YTT Certified Yoga Instructor  

Reike Practioner

Certified Travel Advisor

Essential Oil Consultant