What Our Members Have to Say about us...


  "Like a lot of people, I use to jog/run a lot and did the typical work out at the local gym (cardio/ free weights/weight machines). It’s been three months since I started Strength and Condtioning Classes with Andrea and let me tell you, it is way more challenging & interesting than the same old gym routine! I dove in head first and started going 3 times a week - It’s quite amazing what your body can accomplish in a short amount of time & the strength you can build. With your gym membership comes a free app for your phone which you track your workouts (# of reps, weight used, modified workouts, etc. ) Looking back at your results in the app a few weeks into your training is proof that you are getting stronger. During each class you are guaranteed to be drenched in sweat, out of breath (in a good way) and feel accomplished crushing the tough workout by the end. You workout with a supportive, dedicated & inspriring group of people. This gym is my new addiction for sure. - Nicole K"


 "I went for my first class with Andrea in October, 2016.  Functional training was a completely new concept to me, and I wasn’t entirely sure what I was getting myself into.  I had become a couch potato but knew I was ready for a change.From the moment I stepped into the gym, I was welcomed and encouraged by Andrea and other members.  The motivation I received from Andrea and others in the class was unbelievable.  It’s what kept me going back!At my first class toes-to-bar was on the schedule (what the heck is that, I thought).  Hanging from the bar would be tough enough for me for day one, let alone getting my toes to actually reach the bar!!!!  I made that skill my mission – and I’m proud to say that my toes can now actually touch the bar!Even if I am the last person to complete a workout, which still happens from time to time, those who have finished before you become a cheering squad, pushing you through until the end.I am physically and mentally stronger than I ever thought possible; I have more confidence in myself than I can ever remember having, and I have many new friends who will not let me stop until the workout is done.  It may not have been easy, but the journey to a fitter me has made it all worthwhile!  I can’t thank Andrea enough and look forward to seeing what the future has in store."- Amy Back 


 "Andrea's gym...where do I begin? I really had no idea what to expect when my friend asked me to join. I actually googled, "What is Functional Training?".  I've never been one to go to the gym, I'm an avid hockey player so that was always my exercise. However, I've noticed an amazing change in my life since joining Bracebridge Strength and Conditioning. There's a huge difference in the speed and power of my hockey stride and shot. When playing in net wearing heavy goalie gear, I'm able to jump back up to my feet much faster (after an epic save of course). I went from not being able to do a single chin-up, to being able to do 7 consecutive pull-ups in only 1 year. The 15 foot rope that I used to view as a "gym decoration", is something I can actually climb now.  Andrea is an awesome coach. She's just the right amount of "strict". She pushes you to do your best, without going too far. She will call you out if she knows you can do better, while keeping it safe and fun. When I tore my rotator cuff (not at her gym), she modified my workout for over 2 months so I could heal safely. I've also met a lot of friends at the gym, and while we joke that every workout is torturous, and that sometimes takes two arms to brush our teeth, we keep coming back because we love it. Oh, and because we feel great, both mentally and physically. Keep up the great work Andrea." - Kim Knight 


 "I joined Andrea's gym a year ago and love it! What I love about the workouts is that everyone can do it. I was scared at first that it would be too difficult for me and I wouldn't be able to do anything. I was so wrong. I had never lifted weights before and now I am dead-lifting 185 pounds and bench press 95! that's so amazing. I see the difference in my body - I am more defined, I don't have baggy arms any more! I feel terrific and fit - more then I have in my whole life. When I started I didn't feel left out or different because everyone does something different depending on their abilities and you work only as hard as you can push yourself. Andrea is a great trainer and can fit her program with just about any one. She is motivating and knows when to push you and when not to. She's not a drill sergeant which I think most people think trainers can be. Join the gym and change your life for the better! I'm so glad I did!" - Stephanie Jewell  


 "I love going to classes at Andrea's gym!! Best decision I've made in a long time!!!" Jennifer Allen